Dear Students,

Students who FAILED according to the results of the English Proficiency Exam (EPE) held on September 12-14 will start the English Preparatory program on October 2. The placement test, which you can access from the link below, will be used to place these students in classes at more appropriate levels.


It is NOT MANDATORY to attend the exam, yet it is highly recommended that you take the exam in order to learn English at the level that suits you best and to get a high level of efficiency from the English Preparatory Program. If you do not participate in the placement test, you will be placed in a level based on your EPE result.


Before taking the Placement Exam, you need to check your English Proficiency Exam Result on the Student Information System (OBS) or from the list on SFL Website. The Placement Exam will be applied only to students who have FAILED in the English Proficiency Exam.


In order to be able to take the Placement test, students are reqired to use their student emails:



If you don’t remember your student emails, please check the following link:


You can access the Placement Exam from the link below or via the QR code provided:







Below is the link for the students whose YTU e-mail addresses have not been activated yet:


PLACEMENT EXAM LINK for Students without YTU e-mail



You can answer the test between 13:00 on TUESDAY, September 19, 2023 and 17:00 on THURSDAY, September 21, 2023. Then the test will be closed to the access. You will be given 45 minutes to complete the test. The total question number of the test is 40.


Each question is 1 point. Wrong answers will not affect your correct answers.


At the end of the Placement Exam, score ranges will be determined for each level according to the statistical analyzes and students will be placed in levels according to the scores they get. No level changes will be made regarding the individual requests.


Good luck,


18- 9- 2023