Frequently Asked Questions

1. If My Group Closes, What Should I Do?

  • If a group closes, the students who are registered in this group are transferred to another group on the same day and period. Students should check USIS for their current group number.


2. How Can I Learn My Classroom and Period?

  • The classrooms and period information can be checked on the website of Department of Modern Languages under the title of “Announcements”.


3. Can I Follow The Course In A Different Group?

  • It is obligatory to have the course in the group you are officially registered. You cannot follow the lessons or take the exams in another group.


4. Is Attendance Compulsory?

  • 70% attendance is required in DML courses.
  • Students have to attend 70% of the total course hours (including health reports) even if they repeat compulsory English courses.
  • Approved health reports from an official or a health institution are included in the right to 30% excuses (absences), which means that these reports are not reduced from 70% required attendance. Health reports taken for absenteeism are not accepted.
  • 3-credit courses have a total of 12 hours of absence. Students who exceed this limit fail the course with the grade “F0”:


MDB1031&MDB1032 Advanced English I/II

MDB1131&MDB1132 Advanced English I/II

MDB1051&1052 English I/II

All German courses.


  • 2-credit courses have a total of 8 hours of absence. Students who exceed this limit fail the course with the grade “F0”:


MDB2051 Reading and Speaking in English

MDB3032 Business English

MDB1091&MDB1092 English I/II.


  • The students have to take the course in whichever group they have chosen. Instructors cannot allow students to attend classes or take examinations in a group other than their own groups where they are already officially registered.
  • No matter what students’ level of language is, instructors cannot permit them not to attend the course for that reason by taking the initiative. All students have to attend the course regardless of their level.


5. Do DML Lessons Continue In the Exam Week of My Department?

  • The exam week applied in some departments at faculties is not valid for English courses. Even if a department has an exam week, the English courses in the DML will continue, attendance will be taken, and the classrooms of these courses will not be used by the related department for the exam.


6. If I Have My Department Exams In the Same Period With the DML Exams, What Should I Do?

  • In that case, DML has the priority. You should submit a petition to your department and arrange an alternative date for your exam in your department. (You should get the petition form from DML and submit it to your department after filling it.)


7. How/When Can I Take Make-Up Exams?

  • Students officially documenting their excuses (medical report, etc.) can take the make-up exams in the last week of the semester.
  • Students must submit the documents to their own departments, and, if the department accepts their validity, their names are given to the Head of the Department of Modern Languages. If the official letter is not delivered from their Department, the students’ exam grade is cancelled even if s/he has taken a make-up exam.
  • The make-up exam for the midterm will cover all the topics handled throughout the term.   


8. Is There A Make-Up Exam For Final Exam?

  • No, there is not. Provided that your total grade is between FF-DC, you can take the resit exam.


9. How Can I Learn My Final Grade?

  • Final grades are not announced.


10. What Can I Do If My Grade Is Lower Than I Expect?

  • On the following 5 (five) workdays up to 16.00 p.m. you can write a petition and submit it to the Department of Modern Languages.


11. Are There Any Resources To Study For DML Courses?

  • You can find extra materials, exam contents, videos and listening tracks etc on the website. (>Department of Modern Languages--> DML Students)


12. If I Take TOEFL, IELTS, etc., Do They Change My Grade?

  • No. You should take the course again to have a better grade.


13. Can I Have My Mobile Phone In The Exams?

  • It is strictly forbidden to have mobile phones in the exams as per the decision of the Administrative Board of the School of Foreign Languages. Students have to give their phones to the proctors before the exam.