YTU School of Foreign Languages

Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus

Çiftehavuzlar Mah. Esk Londra Asfaltı Cad. No:167

34210 Esenler - İstanbul


Tel: + 90 212 383 49 04
Fax: + 90 212 383 49 03




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Davutaşa Campus Plan


Request and Complaint Procedure


Those who wish to submit a complaint or request for academic or administrative matters should apply to the relevant Department Secretaries with the printed form below. 


FR-0609-Fakülte-Yüksekokul Öğrenci Genel Dilekçe Formu (General Petition Form)



IMPORTANT: Applications can also be delivered by hand (i.e. by another person for you). Documents will NOT be sent by email.