Directorate's Message

Dear Students,


Welcome to the Yıldız Technical University family! I sincerely congratulate you and wish you continued success.


It is a highly known fact that being able to use a foreign language fluently, accurately and effectively, both in our daily and academic lives, has become more important today in this digital era where information and communication technologies are seen as integral parts of our daily lives.


Yıldız Technical University’s School of Foreign Languages includes lecturers who are native-speakers, or have the ability to use the foreign language with a native-like competence, and who keep themselves up-to-date with recent innovations in language education. Providing English education within the framework of the preparatory program, our highly qualified and knowledgeable lecturers prepare students for their studies in English-language undergraduate programs within our Basic English Department, which is accredited by the internationally-independent organization Pearson Assured. In addition to the compulsory and elective English courses that will enable you to maintain and improve your English knowledge and skills throughout your university education, our Modern Languages Department also offers elective German courses.


Our main purpose is to enable you to be competent in your English language skills and support you, throughout your undergraduate and graduate education, in developing your critical thinking skills as well as acquiring basic work habits and skills required in business life. The priority of our institution, guided by a student-centered learning approach based on collaboration, problem-solving and project-based learning is to help you gain lifelong learning skills. We aim to contribute to your education to become information technology literate individuals, by effectively incorporating and utilizing information and communication technologies for educational purposes.


At YTU’s School of Foreign Languages, while fulfilling our responsibility to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for our globalized world and increasing the quality of education at international standards in foreign languages in our university, we believe that you will use the educational opportunities offered to you and in the process learn a foreign language. I wish you every success in your educational life.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suzan Kavanoz

Yıldız Technical University

Director of the School of Foreign Languages