YTU SFL fits in the framework of the mission and vision of Yıldız Technical University by



Becoming one of the best English for Academic Purposes programs in Turkish higher education system while also encouraging integrated educational technology through tailor-made curricula that aspire to meet the needs of YTU SFL students as well as supporting its staff continuously in their professional development and making contributions to the profession of English Language Teaching in Turkey and abroad as well as being an exemplary institution for its quality standards and practices among the schools of foreign languages in Turkish higher education system.



Improving its students to provide them with a strong command of written and spoken English, assist them in developing essential academic study habits and skills to advance in their studies both at the undergraduate and graduate level through enabling students to think critically, to be on a continuous learning journey, both independently and collaboratively with each other, and to have the responsibility of their own learning as well as using information technology tools for educational purposes effectively, and helping them make ethical decisions in their university and professional lives.