Academic Support Center


The Academic Support Center is a support center that includes activities and studies within the curriculum, established to support TİB students' English learning processes and improve their language skills.

The Academic Support Center operates in three areas:


1. Learning Hub:

The Learning Hub is a curriculum-supported center designed to assist our TİB students in their English learning processes and to support their studies outside of class hours. In our Learning Hub, our students can study on questions about their courses and the issues they think they need support with.


2. Academic Writing Center:

The Academic Writing Center is an academic support center started to support the writing lessons of our TİB students. In this academic support unit, our students receive support from instructors to improve their writing skills.


3. Speaking Club:

TİB Speaking Club is a club that helps our students improve their speaking skills. Students' speaking skills are tried to be improved with different speaking activities organized every week in the Speaking Club.


Academic Support Center Hours and Registrations

Academic Support Center working hours and information about the registration process will be announced on the SFL website.