Rules Students Must Obey

There are certain rules that students have to obey for a more efficient and positive learning atmosphere at the School of Foreign Languages. The violation of these rules will lead to disciplinary action according to the Disciplinary Code of Action for Students of the School of Foreign Languages. Therefore, it is of vital importance for students to pay due attention to these rules.


In class


1. You must come to classes on time and not be late.


2. You must complete the assignments given to you by your teachers and submit them on time.


3. You must bring all your course materials (books, dictionaries, etc.) to the class with you all the time.


4. You must participate in all the activities that your teachers design for you.


5. You must only use your mobile phones for language learning purposes.


6. You must always be polite and thoughtful towards your friends and teachers.


7. You must NOT use the wirtten work of other people in your assignments. This is a serious violation of Copyrights Law No. 5846 and you be penalized according to the  the Disciplinary Code of Action for Students of the School of Foreign Languages as well  the Disciplinary Code of Action for Students of Higher Education.


8. You must NOT damage the educational equipment and hardware of the School of Foreign Languages. You will be reuqired to pay for any lost or damaged property.


9. You must always use original and copyrighted course book according to the Copyright Law No. 5846.


10. You must be respectful of the personal space of your friends and teachers.



Outside Class


1. If your teacher does not come to the class in the first 15 minutes of a lesson, you must immediately contact the Department of Basic English (Room A 303).


2. It is your reponsibility to check all the announcements regarding the exam dates and places as well as results.


3. It is absolutely fordidden to smoke in the No Smoking Areas designated in and outside the building of the School of Foreign Languages. You must smoke in the outside these areas. You have to obey the warnings of the Security regarding this issue.


4. You cannot take an exam with a mobile phone on you. You have to give your mobile phone to the teachers in the  classroom before the exam starts. Your paper will taken and you exam results will ve cancelled if a phone is found on you or your phone rings while the exam is still in progress.