About the Department of Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages ​​offers compulsory and elective English courses for undergraduate students. This section, which has a wide variety of student profiles, applies a curriculum appropriate to the mission and vision of Yıldız Technical University for students from different faculties and disciplines. Thus, it is aimed that the students will gain the skills to make research in the next academic professional studies, to reach the reliable source, to organize the information, to present in accordance with the academic environment, to make more effective presentations in business life. It is the responsibility of the Department of Modern Languages ​​to prepare and renew course materials and books used for students to work on current topics and texts. The students complete the written projects and assignments given to them during the semester and receive feedback from the teachers of the Department of Modern Languages.


Students must take courses given by the Department of Modern Languages ​​when they pass to their departments. However, students who get a minimum score of 70 from the English Proficiency Exam at the end of the Department of Basic English Compulsory Preparatory Course are exempted from the MDB 1031 and MDB 1032 courses.