YTU SFL was established as per the Decree No. 98/11641 of the Council of Ministers on 12.08.1998 and teaching began in the 1998-1999 Academic Year for undergraduate students. As of 1999-2000 Academic year, YTU SFL started to provide language education for evening education students as well. YTU SFL has two major departments, namely the Department of Basic English for undergraduate students who have to complete 1-year obligatory foundation course if they fail to pass EPE/İYS (English Proficiency Exam) at the beginning of the academic year and the Department of Modern Languages for undergraduate students to further their knowledge of English during their 4-year Bachelor’s Degree studies with courses by providing courses like Advanced English, Vocational English, etc. There is also the Department of German Language, which provides German courses.


One of the largest sections of YTU, YTU SFL currently has 138 Turkish instructors and 8 native-speaking instructors who provide language education for 3063 students at the Department of Basic English and 5747 students at the Department of Modern Languages in 2020-2021 academic year.


YTU SFL has been located in Davutpaşa Campus premises since 2004-2005 Academic Year, which is equipped with computer laboratories, internet access and offices for instructors. YTU SFL receives invaluable help in its efforts to meet the expectations and needs of its students from YTU Dean of Students Office and Registrar’s Office.


YTU’s vision is to become the national and international focal point of pioneering studies in the fields of science, technology, social sciences, and engineering. As English has become the primary world language, and YTU is dedicated to the advancement of learning and research in the fields of science and technology in which English, in particular, is used, learning English will help students to broaden their horizons, while also enabling them to develop international contacts, expand their knowledge base, keep up with current developments and make their own contributions to their fields.


With the help of knowledge and skills in English they have attained during their education at YTU SFL, they will be more responsible and self- confident individuals. In this respect, the objective of the YTU SFL academic programs is to provide the students with sufficient language skills to follow the courses in their faculties, and to train them as autonomous learners as well as productive individuals with their dynamism and contemporary values for engineering, architecture and science education in addition to social sciences so as to compete at not only a national but also a worldwide level.


Below are the institutional values that YTU SFL espouses as a community, which serve a touchstone in all decision-making and/or planning processes.


Learners First: They are the reason we exist.


Professionalism: Everything we do should exemplify the highest standards of quality and integrity in language teaching.


Creativity: Our strength is founded on our ability to respond to the emerging needs of our learners.


Collaboration: By working with our partners in Yıldız Technical University, we can bring greater value and relevance to our learners.


Inclusion: We believe that access to learning is essential, and we always strive to remain open-minded and respectful regarding the needs of learners.


Accountability: We are accountable to our learners, our partners, Yıldız Technical University as our larger stakeholder and each other in maintaining high academic standards and ensuring the academic viability of the YTU SFL.