The Curriculum Development Office has been established to collect feedback regarding various dimensions of the teaching-learning process within the YTU SFL, and to formatively adjust the DBE Syllabus as well as all curriculum for the following academic year to provide a more effective, sound, comprehensive and student-centered curriculum that complies with the vision and mission of YTU, YTU SFL DBE as well as educational needs of the students. The Curriculum Development Office is also responsible for providing guidance, support and supervision for the instructors through the level meetings and for the Test Office in its assessment-related operations.


In other words, the entire YTU SFL DBE Program is centrally run by the Curriculum Development Office under the academic supervision of Deputy Director for Academic Affairs and the administrative support of the Head of the Department of Basic English, who is constantly informed about any academic developments about the by the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs. Curriculum dimensions covered by the Curriculum Development Office are as follows:


·         amount of material covered per week (pacing of the DBE Syllabus)

·         subject matter and programmatic content and

·         supplementary materials, including those produced by individual instructors.


This office is ultimately responsible to the Director and, by his/her delegation, to the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs.


This office is comprised of the CDO Head and the level coordinators responsible for the A and B levels in the program. Besides, for each level there is a member for material development working in coordination with the level coordinator.



The Test Office has been established to prepare assessment tools like quizzes, mid-term exams and YTU English Proficiency Exam (EPE/İYS) according to the DBE Syllabus in order to provide data specifically for the curriculum being taught and more generally for monitoring the students’ achievement along the DBE program. The Test Office works in close cooperation with and under the supervision of the level coordinators of the Curriculum Development Office in its operations. The Test Office also coordinates the delivery and collection of all exam packs as well as the marking of all exams in which optic forms are used. The Test Office is supported by the Head of the Department of Basic English in terms of administrative procedures like the preparation of marking lists and partners and sending of optic forms to the Information Processing Office of the University.


This office is comprised of the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs as the TO Head the level test developers responsible for the A1, A2, B1 and B1+ levels in the program.



The Academic Writing Center Office is dedicated to provide advice and assistance at every stage of the writing process. The Center offers support through reference materials and tutorial services. The Center is designed to guide students in improving their communication skills through writing. The Centre does not proofread papers for grammar or spelling mistakes or rewrite student essays. The WCO provides assistance and guidance on:


- Topic development

- General organization

- Guidance on paper revisions

- Structural problems with writing

- Critical thinking

- Writing development

- Revision of drafts

- Editing skills


When there is a vacancy in the WCO, an announcement is made to invite instructors interested in the post. The applicants are expected to have a minimum of two years’ experience at YTU SFL. Ones who are willing to provide writing materials and tutorial services are invited to join the team.