Academic Offices



Academic Coordinators Office at the Department of Modern Languages is responsible for the curriculum design and material development of compulsory and social elective courses in English both at associate and undergraduate degrees. The academic coordinators work in cooperation both with the Head Office and the Testing Office. They also guide the academic staff throughout the academic year to ensure that the program runs efficiently. In other words, similar to the Curriculum Development Office, which conducts the Department of Basic English Compulsory Preparatory Course, the curriculum of the Department of Modern Languages ​​is centrally managed by this office under the supervision of the Head of the Department of Modern Languages.



Test Office is responsible for the content, preparation and implementation of the examinations to be held throughout the academic year for the courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages. These exams include midterm exams, quizzes, make-up exams, Erasumus + and IAESTE exams. The Exam Preparation Unit also prepares some exams required by Yildiz-SEM.

Test Office also offers a range of both formative and summative assessment services to support and coordinate the evaluation of the foreign language programs in other departments including Yıldız CEC.



This office offers 3-credit general cultural German courses for the students of YTU, MDB4011 and MDB4021, which are designed to improve the students’ communication skills necessary in daily life situations encompassing listening and speaking at elementary level.