Rules Students Must Obey in the Exams

1. In all the examinations conducted by the School of Foreign Languages, make sure you have Yıldız Technical University Student ID Card or another valid ID like your passport, driver's license, and don't forget to sign your signature on the box next to your name on the signature list.


2. Be in the relevant exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam. Keep in mind that students who are late will not be given extra time in any way.


3. You are not allowed to use cell phones, smart watches and / or electronic dictionary in exams. Turn off these devices, deliver them to your teacher and remember to take them after the exam. It is your responsibility to take your device after the exam. The phones / smart watches that are not delivered or that ring during the examination will directly result in the cancellation of your examination and an investigation against you in accordance with Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Student Discipline Regulation of Higher Education Institutions.


4. It is forbidden to bring food and beverage to the exam room. You can only have water with you.


5. Make sure that there is nothing on your desk except your watch, pencil, eraser, water and exam material.


6. It is forbidden for students to borrow pencil, eraser or other stationery from each other during the exams.


7. Do not open your exam booklet until your instructor tells you to open it.


8. Do not start answering until your instructor finished making announcement regarding the exam and starts the exam.


9. As soon as the exam starts, check your booklet for missing pages or questions.


10. If you have any problems or questions, just raise your hand. Your instructor will come to help you.


11. Do not forget to write your name, surname, student number and package number on the cover page of the exam booklet. Package number information will be given by your instructor.


12. Questions about the content of the exam will not be answered by the instructor in any way.


13. You are not allowed to leave your seat and talk to other students during the exam.


14. The student who leaves the exam room for any reason during the exam will not be admitted to the exam room again.


15. You will not be allowed to leave the exam room in the first 30 and the last 5 minutes of the exam.


16. Make sure to encode all of your answers correctly into the optical form in exams in which an optical form is used. The students themselves are responsible for any coding error in the optical form. When evaluating, only the information in the optical form will be considered. At the end of the exam, no extra time will be given to fill the optical form. Use only pencil for all types of markings on the optical form.


17. Exam papers of the students who attempt to cheat will be deemed invalid and cancelled. These students will be investigated according to articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Student Discipline Regulation of Higher Education Institutions.


18.  When the exam is over, don't stand up until your instructor collects all the examination materials.


19. Make sure to submit all exam materials to your instructor. Any missing document will result in your exam being cancelled.


20. Students who have a disability or a long-term health problems should write a petititon to the Department of Basic English at least 2 days before the exam with their proving documents and/or health reports explaining their status so that the necessary arrangements can be made before the exam. Documents submitted on the day of the exam will not be accepted.